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Made Me Feel.... Like a VIPLess Than Important

Speed Of Service: ExcellentGoodPoor
Friendliness of Staff: ExcellentGoodPoor
Staff appearance: ExcellentGoodPoor
Order taken promptly: ExcellentGoodPoor
Received exactly how I ordered it: ExcellentGoodPoor
Server went the extra mile: YesNo


Filled Me UpStill Hungry
Quality of food: ExcellentGoodPoor
Value perception: ExcellentGoodPoor
Food temperature: ExcellentGoodPoor


Neat and CleanNeeded Cleaning
Inside store: ExcellentGoodPoor
Outside store: ExcellentGoodPoor
Restrooms: ExcellentGoodPoor
Tables cleared?: ExcellentGoodPoor
Inside store: Too HotToo ColdJust RIght