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About Us

Hello, My name is Tom LaChaussee. My wife Crystal and I are the proprietors of Humble Joe’s Chophouse and Grill.

We were the owners of the Perkos Café and Grill Franchise in Redding and Anderson from July of 1993 to December  2012. We have grown with the community and we are truly blessed to live in the North state and to have raised our children with yours. We thrived on the Perkos Café style of ownership because it fostered creativity and we have always been eager to expand on offerings to accommodate local customer desires and palates.

As you know the economy in the last few years has inflicted great change on America and with it, the Perkos Café chain.  The Perkos franchising company grew very fast with new concepts during the good years and alas downsizing is a much more painstaking and painful process.

In the absence of solid leadership from the beleaguered franchisor we produced our own menu. Our menu was well received and we saw and continue to see  many promising trends. Our menu grew in different directions from the franchisor in a very short time. We were faced with the decision of either getting back in the fold or continuing with our own concept.

We decided to go our own way! The differing philosophies of how to move forward in this economy and beyond is black and white to us.  We have always been quality conscious owners insisting on the best and freshest foods we could find and were having to live with the franchise groups’ desire to be the cheapest, using what I consider to be inferior food product with thoughtless trend hopping.

I believe the coming backlash of cheap and getting cheaper is going to hurt the cafe dining segment and I want to move in the other direction filling a growing niche of quality conscious yet affordable family dining.

We are proud of our beginnings with Perkos Café and will forever have a debt of gratitude towards the franchisor and the Perkos family of franchisees. We cherish the lifelong friendships and family camaraderie fostered by them but I feel like the shackles have been removed and I am a real entrepreneur. Make or break, do or die, I did it my way! I get it Frank (Sinatra), thanks!

Please don’t hesitate to ask for Tom or Crystal as we are in at least one of our 3 locations in Redding and Anderson, every day.